2020 wedding trends to look out for



2020 brings the dawn of a new decade, and it also brings in front some amazing opportunities. You also have new wedding trends to pursue too. So if you’re looking to have a wedding this year, it’s a very good idea to figure out the latest wedding trends and implement them to have an amazing, exciting wedding.

Florals used for more than just decorations

This is interesting and also quite strange at the same time. More and more couples started using florals in unique, different ways. They are adding in things like edible blooms into drinks and food. It’s an interesting approach, and it certainly brings in some rewarding results if done right.

Customizable menus

Up until this point, the menu was pretty much the same for everyone. But there are people that can eat only certain things, so it’s important to have a fully customized menu. Granted, personalizing the menu with every guest in mind can be overwhelming, but it shows extra care and attention from your side.


 Mixologists at weddings

Mixologists can create personalized, unique, and different moments. They can make amazing drinks that really impress guests. So it’s easy to see why many couples consider the addition of a mixologist to their wedding.


Sustainability is an important aspect, especially this decade, and many couples are aware of that. They are trying to use materials and items that can be recycled to avoid any damage to our planet. Brides can also work with eco-conscious brands for their dress and so on. There are eco-friendly businesses in every industry, so having a sustainable wedding is indeed possible.

Bold uses of color

We can expect 2020 to bring in lots of different, bold color choices to weddings. It all comes down to the newlyweds to choose what colors they like. However, we can already see more and more bold colors coming into play for most weddings.

Destination weddings

Another interesting wedding trend is definitely coming from destination weddings. People want an unforgettable, fun and exciting experience for their wedding, so going to another country to tie the knot does make a lot of sense. And you do have complete control over the destination, which is very important.

Rosy lips

When it comes to makeup, it’s important to note that lined and matte lips are out, now the rosy lips are in. They are bringing in natural perfection while also working seamlessly with another trend, which is showing off the natural beauty of the bride. While the bride still needs some make-up, the focus is on amplifying the natural appeal and not overdoing it.


The 2020 wedding trends are making weddings more diverse, interesting and exciting. It’s always nice to see how things come together here, and it’s one of the most rewarding aspects to consider in regards to weddings. There are always challenges, so all you need is to think about all the options and the results themselves can be extraordinary. Plus, you can still focus on bringing in your own touch, so that’s another thing to consider as well.

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