Epic Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Bar



The bar is open! These are words your wedding guests love to hear after they have witnessed you exchange your beautiful vows and finally become Mr and Mrs.


Your wedding bar is an opportunity to get creative and add some fun personal touches to your wedding decor. You can reflect your personalities as a couple and really make some Instagram-worthy scenes at the bar.


Here are some fun ways to personalize your wedding bar.


Name the Bar

There are endless chances here to give your bar a name that is unique and cool. The Liquid Station, The Tequila Shack, The Bridal Bar...we are sure you have some epic names in mind. Run a competition amongst your guests on who can come up with the most creative bar name. Neon signs are on trend.


Personalize His & Hers Cocktails

Nothing is cuter than cocktails named after the bride and groom. You can use your favorite drinks or any cocktail on your wedding menu really. Make an arty sign (Etsy is great for printables) and put it in a nice frame. Beverages like the Groom's Tequilla Slammer & the Bride's Sunset Mojito will get the party going!


Style The Bar Staff

An affordable and lit idea is to dress the bar staff in cool tees. Black t-shirts with white text look fresh and modern. You could use any wording like Drunk in Love, Goodbye Bridesmaid - Hello Barmaid, Shake it With Me or #party.


The bar is a place almost every guest visits many times during the wedding celebrations. Don't forget to decorate the bar and make it a feature of the wedding reception. We love stylish chill areas next to the bar too. Some vintage sofas or maybe the photo booth set up nearby. Wedding receptions should be on trend and fun - cheers to that!

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