How Many Wedding Invitations Should You Really Order?

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When it comes to ordering out wedding invitations, many brides and grooms do not know the best way to do it. Many just count the number of their guests on their master guest lists and always think that is all. However, there are always other things every bride and groom should look at to come up with the best number of invitations to order. These are discussed below.

Tip 1: Count by the number of households

To get an estimate of the number of wedding invitations to send, it is important to count guests by the number of households and not by the number of guests. You don’t need one invitation card for each guest invited and end up with too many extra keepsakes. Invitation should not be based on headcount. Each family should receive one invitation, and this will make it very easier to track responses. Additionally, this will help you save also in the cost of printing services required.

Tip 2: Order 10-20 invitations extra

Once you have ordered the number of households counted, it is advisable to add at least 10-20 extras to your total wedding invitations. Additionally, always ensure that you let your stationer know of the quantity of the invitation suites you have increased. This will enable him make any cost adjustments before printing. Consequently, while ordering the exact amount of wedding invitations might save you money, it is cheaper to order the extras also at the same time.  This is because it is always expensive to reprint wedding invitations at a later time.

It is important to keep a few invitation suites for keepsakes. These are one for your parents, in laws and potentially some grandparents or loved ones who would need a set for themselves. Wedding invitations are indeed the few keepsakes you can keep for many years to come. They play almost the same role as it could do your wedding dress, your garter and the vows. They indeed play a part of your love story that you will want to celebrate forever. It is my recommendation that at least 2-3 copies are good for you to keep for yourself. These pieces will have to be very valuable heirlooms that you will have to show your grand babies.

It is also good to pass along 1-2 copies to your photographer. Since invitations are the first impressions that everyone will have on your big day. You will need at least a couple of your invitation suite for your wedding photographer. This will be important in capturing your gorgeous custom details on your wedding day. This is important since wedding events captured in pictures are the best way to illustrate this point in your life that will make you really feel unique.

Tip 3: Have a few extra copies for emergencies

Wedding invitations may actually get lost in the mail, or you may find a new guest just got added into the list by your mum. Since these are very common situations, it is important that you have a few extra copies of invitation cards in case any of these scenarios occur. You will actually appreciate your decision to have a few extra cards for such emergencies.

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