How To Create A Wedding With A Midsommar Theme


Taking inspiration from the movie Midsommar for a wedding can be a creative opportunity to give your guests an experience they will never forget.


Midsommar is a folk horror film written and directed by Ari Aster. It is about a group of friends who get involved with a pagan cult when they travel to Sweden for a mid-summer festival that happens only once every 90 years. 


You could take all the beautiful parts of the movie to incorporate into the wedding day if you want to give a subtle nod to the famous flick that was shot in Budapest. Or you could go for total shock value and go all in with dramatic and horrifying bridal details that reflect the essence of the movie more directly. 


Here are some ways you can softly infuse the vibe of the movie Midsommar into your big day.


  • The music in the Midsommar movie is great for dancing. Give your DJ the movie soundtrack as a starting point and let him work his magic with some edgy drum tunes mixed with catchy folk music.
  • The flowers are a detail in the film that can easily be matched to a wedding. Rustic, summery bouquets and big floral crowns for the girls and women will give them a stylish Scandinavian look. Match the florals for the whole day to the movie-inspired bridal bouquets and maybe some brightly-colored wreaths on the back of the bride and groom's chairs.
  • The maypole is a beautiful floral feature that could be used as a dance floor centerpiece or as a decoration at the wedding reception. Adore it will beautiful flowers and ribbons and guests will be sure to gravitate towards it's unusual beauty. 



Here are some ways you can deliberately and obviously make your wedding a Midsommar affair. There will be no mistaking your wedding is influenced by the intense thriller when you deliver some Midsommar horror up.


  • Decorate your wedding cake with icing painted with Nordic-embroidered designs and have a somber-faced waiter wear a white costume when bringing out the delicious creation. Your cake topper will be a cross of course.
  • At the bar serve mushroom tea shots and strong cocktails named after cool love potions.
  • Light up a big bonfire for the after party and let your clan dance until the sun comes up. Any unruly wedding guests may be sacrificed by then.


Hopefully this has given you a starting point on how to theme your wedding day to the scary movie Midsommer. There really are endless ways to incorporate the ideas within the movie to your special day. Watch the movie again and let the creative ideas flow. 

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