How To Help Your Photographer On The Wedding Day

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Here are some thoughtful ways you can help your photographer or videographer on the wedding day. Some might ask you in advance for this kind of assistance while others might fend for themselves or be too shy to ask for help. Either way it will be greatly appreciated and make the day run more smoothly.


Gather the details

The day is finally here! When you are getting ready if you put all your wedding details on the bed or sofa before the photography team arrives they will able to say hello and get straight to work. Think jewelry, lingerie, veil, shoes, notes, gifts and anything related to the wedding day. (The wedding dress can stay on the hanger.)


Give them a heads up

Let your photo team know when something is going down that they might not know about so they don’t miss an important moment. If you plan to give gifts to your bridesmaids or send a gift to your beloved they should be told in advance so they can capture the emotional gesture. 


In fact if you are sending gifts to each other on the wedding day the photographer is the perfect person to deliver them. 


Invest in pretty details

Photographers LOVE to see gorgeous bridal decorations on the wedding day. Investing in some beautiful details will add a layer of luxury to your wedding photos. A gold vintage hanger for your wedding dress will be better than the plastic one the dressmaker supplied. A velvet ring box looks rich and luxurious and much nicer than the jewelers branded box.


These items are not essential, but as well as being nice for photos they are also special keepsakes of your wedding day that you can keep forever.


Supply extra flowers

For the getting ready photos in the room a small bunch of flowers can be handy to use for styling wedding details. Ask your venue or wedding planner to bring a small vase of extra florals to your room in the morning and let your photographer know on arrival. They will be super thankful.


Give them a step up

Ask the venue to have a ladder on standby for group shots if you are having a big wedding. If you can have someone who knows all the guests to stand next to the photographer they will be able to help call guests in more quickly since they know everyone personally. 


Feed the Team

The job of documenting the wedding is very physically and mentally demanding over many hours. After shooting for 6-8 hours the team will be to be given dinner. If you don't they might fall over on the dance floor trying to get a shot of Uncle Fred doing the locomotion and we don't want that. 


They will prefer to dine alone so they can eat quickly and quietly. Don't seat any vendors with wedding guests as it may seem thoughtful but usually isn’t wanted. They should eat when guests do and they need to stay nearby in the shadows so they can jump up in case something exciting happens.  


All of these hints to help the vendors document your much-awaited wedding day will help them out endlessly. Even if you can do some of them it will be extremely helpful to your professional bridal shooters.

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