Our Top 10 Wedding Venues In Cincinnati


Cincinnati boasts some of the best and phenomenal wedding venues where intending couples can have their wedding. No matter your taste, style, appeal, or desires in terms of size, you'll always find wedding venues in Cincinnati that suits your unique needs.

Are you looking for a wedding venue that has a historical undertone or you are looking for something more modern, you'll find them in Cincinnati. Plus, Cincinnati got you covered no matter the season you intend to get married, whether it is winter, summer, spring, or fall.

Let's dive in and take a look at the top 10 most sensational wedding venues in Cincinnati

  1. The Monastery Event Centre

The Monastery is renowned for its historical wine production. It used to be one of the venues where Champaign was made. It is one of the top wedding venues in Cincinnati; it has a magnificent look and perfect for any wedding. If you are having your wedding at the Monastery, you'll have the right to use other places such as the private parking lot, courtyard, and all other places within the building environment.

  1. Cincinnati Music Hall

The Cincinnati music hall is a beauty to behold. It was designed in 1975, and it is one of the outstanding theatres in the world used for music concerts. What makes this venue unique is that you can have both your wedding and reception at the same venue. It was renovated in 2017, and its sophisticated ballroom, which is perfect for both dinner and dance reception can accommodate over 300 guests.

  1. The Phoenix – Downtown Cincinnati

The phoenix is unarguably a hidden gem, and one of the top wedding venues in Cincinnati. It has beautiful architectural designs that remind one of the Italian renaissance. It also has about three locations within the building where you can conveniently hold your wedding ceremony and reception. The phoenix was built in 1893 by Samuel Hannaford, a distinguished architect.

  1. Renaissance Hotel

The Renaissance hotel building is located on a 14,000 square feet of land space. One of the most notable ballrooms in the Renaissance hotel is the Burnham hall, which was designed by prominent architect David Burnham in 1901. Its architectural details are spot on, and it has unique spaces like the private dining room that can be used for any wedding activity.

  1. The Center

This used to be the contemporary art center. It has a very large space, which gives couples enough room customize the space to suit their unique style. It has beautiful wooden floors, tall ceilings and white walls perfect for any kind of wedding ceremony.

  1. Rhinegeist Brewery

As of 1895, Rhinegeist Brewery housed the Morlein brewing company, and it is located on a 25,000 square feet space. It has an amazing industrial-themed design, and it is easily one of the premier wedding venues in Cincinnati. It has two event rooms that are worthy of note.  One is a 6,000 square feet large and the other is 2,000 square feet large.

  1. The Glendale Lyceum

The Glendale Lyceum was established as a social club in 1891; it has beautiful surrounding environment and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. The main hall, which has beautiful crystal chandeliers, can accommodate over 250 wedding guests.

  1. The Hilton Netherland Plaza

The Hilton Netherland Plaza is an award-winning wedding venue. It boasts a stunning space of about 40,000 square feet suitable for a wide range of wedding events. Within the plaza lies multiple rooms you can choose from depending on the number of guests you're expecting. It also has beautiful and historic French art designs as well as light fittings plated with German gold.

  1. The Transept

The Transept is a former German-American church built in 1867. It is suitable for couples with a more traditionally themed wedding. The transept can inject new life into your wedding with its German architectural designs. There are also several small spaces which are ideal for cocktails, rehearsal dinners, etc.

  1. Premier Park Events

The premier park events is managed by an events company, and it comprises of nine exotic parks which offer different unique choices, styles, and experiences for intending couples. Premiere park events bring into life the historic century-old park system with captivating art decor.


Now you know some of the top wedding venues in Cincinnati you can use for your wedding ceremony and reception depending on your desire, style, and unique needs. No matter the season, you can find stunning venues in Cincinnati for your wedding.



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