The 10 Best Wedding Invitation Tips

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Wedding ceremonies are significant occasions in a couple’s lives. It is a time when the couples make their ultimate vows to each other in the presence of friends and relatives they have invited. Choosing on whom to invite and not to invite is always a very difficult decision during the wedding preparation phase, thus it is important to have some tips to help you make the correct wedding invitation choices. Below is a list of our top tips on the best practicalities of creating beautiful stationery for your big day.

Send the “save the date” cards early enough before your wedding.

These are optional but essential cards for destination weddings and weekend holidays. Always they will be reminding the guests of the D-day with a lot of professionalism without anyone feeling bogged up with the notifications.

Find your Style.

Wedding is always a ceremony of calligraphy and colors. Give your guests a taste of the celebration they anticipate. In your coloration and calligraphy, you may want to incorporate hues and motifs in your wedding invitations, and even to carry them along to the rest of your wedding paper for the best look. For a formal wedding, always an ivory, cream or white card stock is still the trend; you can also brighten your invites with colorful, metallic fonts, paper stocks as well as envelopes and liners. Additionally, it is essential to keep readability in mind while making selections of your colors and fonts.

The right selection of words

It is essential to learn the rules of wording your invitation cards. As it has been the tradition, whoever is hosting the event is always being listed first on the invitation. However, on a classic wedding invitation, there is still a request line after the host name. This usually goes like, “so and so request the honor of your presence.” This wording can change as the hosting situation changes. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check that everyone you wish to add in the list has been added.

Make sure your words are Legible

While considering the colors and patterns, it is important not to forget the text. This is because it is actually the main point of sending the whole invitation out. To do this perfectly, it is crucial to bring whoever is doing your stationery on board. Avoid light ink on a light background and dark ink on dark backgrounds. While generally, yellow and pastels are tough colors to read, you should always be careful of hard to read fonts such as overly scripted typeface.

Don’t crowd the Card

The invitation card should only carry key points. These include the ceremony time and location, you and your fiancé’s name as well as the hosts and the RSVP information. The dress code could be put. However, it is optional. Squeezing too much information into the invitation card makes it harder to read and less elegant. Other information like directions and details about post-wedding activities could be posted on the wedding websites or printed on a different enclosure card.

Strictly Triple-check your Invitation cards before Printing.

Before any invitation is printed, you must ensure that your stationer has sent you a proof, either a hard copy or an email attachment for an invite mock-up. You should, therefore, pay attention to crucial details like dates and times, as well as the spellings and grammar.

Don’t forget the rest of your Suite.

It’s important to order your menus, programs, and thank you notes together with invitations. In the order, the stationary can include all the wedding paper and wedding paper goods. Additionally, having a single order is valid and is likely to save you money and time. Similarly, it is also an excellent way to ensure all the wedding stationery has a cohesive look.

Consider Costs

The price per invite usually varies. Anywhere from a few dollars to $100. This all depends on the ink, typeface, printing processes, paper and printing techniques. Therefore, it is crucial to research your options on time, putting into considerations your budget preferences. This will also help you set out clear priorities whether it’s a sophisticated printing and a custom design or a multiple enclosures type.

Confirm your dates right

Include your RSVP information in the bottom right corner of your invitation. Consequently, you can put this information in a separate enclosure and ensure the deadline is not more than three or four weeks after giving the guests information.

Remember Your Thank You

It’s important to track your RSVPs as they come in using a guest list manager tool or a spreadsheet. Using this, you should be capable of noting what each guest gives you. As the wedding gifts begin rolling in, you should start writing thank you notes, so you do not fall behind the time frames.

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