The Red Light at the Bottom of Engagement Lane


Your wedding plans have come to a standstill.

You argued over your wedding list in the days when Cousin Vince drank too much at family gatherings and the in-laws were people you were allowed to visit. The days before he was the only one you kissed and an invisible virus jumped the Great Wall of China.

Now all you have left is the painful list. And again the list is too long. Legislature, regulations, fear, common sense; call it what you like but the list of guests you intend to invite to the wedding has to shrink.

Because big weddings are taboo, probably like, forever…

In this weird time we live in, brides have a choice to make: Postpone the wedding or downsize.

You can stop at the red light and have a wedding in a year or two, or sneak over the line under the cover of darkness.  

If you’ve decided to go ahead, here are 7 suggestions for your revised Big Day:

  1. Don’t invite great-granny! You certainly don’t want her falling ill. Send her an apology and praise her for being a superhero of social distancing.
  2. Do invite your doctor, pastor or significant member of the community. If they go to the wedding, who’ll judge you for hosting it?
  3. Keep it local. Travel is currently a bummer and frowned upon by civil society. It is also the opportunity to support local business in dire need of economic stimulus.
  4. Look out for specials. Some venues will bend over backwards for you (as a manner of speaking) at this time. Make use of the great opportunities to save out there.
  5. Don’t be intimate! A larger venue allows for social distancing and guests will be able to relax.
  6. Be outdoorsy! You could opt for an outdoor wedding while the weather lasts. I hear the coronavirus hates the great outdoors. Garden weddings can be incredibly beautiful and memorable.
  7. Skip the buffet and the dance. Sit-down reception venues will discourage guests from moving around and breathing over each other and the culinary delights at your reception.

Now is a great time to have a unique and memorable wedding day. Be careful, be thoughtful, be wise, be safe and above all; be yourself! 

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