Top Must-Have Components in Your Corporate Stationery



Brand identity is what gives the image your firm needs. It is the actual representation and the identity of your brand to everyone outside it, from the vendors to the buyers. Many businesses till now do not realize that it is necessary to pay attention to designing the stationery. However, every successful brand takes the utmost care for its stationery in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Several factors or components in designing helps your brand to get its stationery its value. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. The Old-School Favorites- Headers and Footers: To start with, your design for the writing materials should form the same concept you have for your brand’s website and designs. These should not be different from the website layout. The header and footer should feature your contact information via the electronic medium or by phone.
  2. Communication Points: Your corporate communication writing materials should feature a clutter-free look. Your business and website address, followed by an email and telephone numbers would do. Many businesses believe in including their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles too. Do not try to add all the social media details in the footer or header.
  3. Get the Logo Right: Aesthetics play a crucial role in establishing a brand identity. Hiring a firm like The Invited Cincy to take care of designing a minimalistic logo is undoubtedly beneficial. It also makes sense to use it well on the stationery writing materials. Use it on the top left corner of the letterhead. It should be simplistic and should be separate and not mixed with the other information you put on the header.
  4. Uniform Color Scheme: If your business uses a specific shade of red in the logo, and website, make sure to feature the same everywhere else too. It creates a sense of uniformity. Choose the colors related to your business and seek the help of professional designers to get an understanding while creating any poster or social media marketing posts too.
  5. Choose the Appropriate Texture and Paper: Paper quality is essential for establishing your business as a brand worth its weight in gold. Ensure not to go for complicated writing papers for the letterhead. Make it classy but not too outlandish a choice. Look out for the designers from The Invited Cincy to give you a variety of options about the paper.

Consider investing in professional-looking business stationery for your firm to sport a chic outlook. Successful brands never compromise on the stationery design for a single primary reason- image. There is excellent gravitas to the letter written on corporate stationery material.

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