Wedding Invitation Etiquette Do's and Don’ts


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Weddings ceremonies are always the happiest occasions every couple would want to celebrate. It marks a very crucial and loving memories in your life. Because of this, making well-organized wedding invitations plays a very critical impressions for your guests who will attend the event. With a slight mess of a typo might risk offending your guests. Therefore, when it comes to wedding invitations and RSVP card etiquette, it is often confusing on what is the best protocol.  Here are some of the dos and don’ts for a wedding invitation etiquette.

Do’s for Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Maintaining a Cohesive Season

A good invitation etiquette is that which maintains a consistent look throughout all the aspects of the invitation. Before making any invitation, all colors, and style preferences should be already sorted and made consistent with the theme of the wedding. Since wedding invitations is one of the first impressions guests have about the event, it is important to make it as gorgeous as possible. It usually gives the guests a glimpse of what to expect, while some may even decide to participate in the theme as well.

Give Comprehensive Information

The wedding invitation should have all the relevant information regarding the wedding on it. This should incorporate full names of the couples and their host, the date and time of the event as well as the location of the ceremony. This will make it possible for the guests to easily save the dates and keep the wedding invites in mind.


Make it easy to receive the RSVP Cards

Online RSVP services is a very effective and flexible way to send out invitations. This is because it eases the process and makes it easier to access the cards. Recently, wedding websites have set out more functionalities and sophisticated RSVP systems that allow guests to visit your website and remotely confirm their presence. From the website, they will also be capable to choose their food preferences, all with just a few clicks.

Maintain a gently Invitation

Always deciding on who to invite and not to invite is always a big hurdle to go through. However, once this step of planning is finalized, it is imperatively important to maintain clarity as possible on who is invited in a respectful manner. Always ensure you address your envelopes with the invitees full names, and be gentle enough to let them know it is an ‘adults only affair’

Don’ts for Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Any Gift and Registry Information should not be included in the Invitation.

It always sends a very bad signal listing the things you need or you don’t need in the invitation card. The registry information or gift may be shared through the website or through word of mouth. However, listing them on your wedding invitation might push people away from your event.

You should not use a Standby Guest List

When possible, always invite your guests at the same time and once and for all. This one is better than waiting to see the turn out of the first round so as to send the second round of cards. It’s important to make a carefully planned guest list with more surety of attendance. This technique will also save you in terms of budgeting.

Always include any appropriate Inserts.

 These are very important elements to include in the invitation cards for those who live in the outskirts of the town and may not know the town well. These inserts may include maps, directions, or hotel information. These inserts might play a very critical role in directing your guests into the event.

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