Why Getting Married in December is the Best!

winter wedding


You and your sweetheart may be looking for a month to mark on the calendar for the most special day of your life which is your wedding day. December weddings are the best because of the holiday season festivities, Christmas trees, blinging of the fairy lights, hot chocolate, cakes and cookies and special your loved ones are around. You might not even think of December as your wedding month but you can have the coolest wedding in December with your friends and family due to the following reasons:

  • Amazing deals at the Venue

In the normal days, the weddings venues are quite pricey and you might not even be able to get your dream venue in the budget that you have. However, in December, there aren’t many weddings which gives you an opportunity to get your dream venue in an affordable price. So, the first benefit that you have is that you spend less bucks yet you get your desired venue.


  • Fluffy snow on the wedding and no scorching heat

In the heat, it is so difficult to run errands. You are super sweaty; the heat gets uncomfortable and you even end up smelling bad. However, in the fluffy snow and chilly environment, your makeup stays in place, and you don’t have to smell bad with the sweat. Who wants to smell disgusting on their wedding right?

Also, if you love the freshly fallen snow, then why say no to December? You can have the perfect warm and cozy food that your sweetheart, friends and family will love.


  • Cozy pullovers

If you are a fan of cozy pullovers and coats, then this is your chance to wear a furry coat over your pearly white dress. Flaunt it the way you want and become a trend setter!

You will surely get millions of compliments for your unique wedding attire.


  • Festive season themed décor

While you are planning your wedding, the biggest confusion that you might have is to what theme you should choose. In December, the festive season themed décor is the most easy and perfect option for décor. You can give away holiday themed favors, you can have wreaths, Christmas trees, lights, flowers and you won’t even have to worry about the colors of the décor because it is so obvious right?


  • No one will miss out your wedding because of holidays

Picking the month and your wedding day is very important because you want all your loved ones with you on your day. In the normal days some people might not be able to make it to your wedding due to work commitments or any other reason. During the holiday season, all your loved ones can take a day out for you and this way you will not have to compromise your desired for the presence of any of your loved one.


  • Stunning photos

You surely want to capture each and every moment from your big day to cherish later but the biggest plus point that you get in December is that all the places are fully decorated, snow is freshly fallen and you can have the best photoshoot with your darling and your loved ones.

  • Getting extras in the price that you pay

Before you pick your wedding day, you figure out your budget. You might not be willing to spend a lot of money on extras but in December, since there are not many weddings, it is quite possible that you may even get extras in the total budget that you have set for your wedding. Who wouldn’t want hot chocolate as an extra for their guests? Or who wouldn’t want a photobooth set up, or who wouldn’t want a table for desserts as an extra in the same price? Well, you are going to have better luck in getting extras in the month of December without spending so much money.


  • Bonfire

Who would want to miss out on a bonfire at a winter wedding? You can even have smore’s with the bonfire party while having drinks and the couple sharing their favorite memories with their loved ones.


So, pick a day in December and mark your calendars!

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