Why the Wedding Celebrant Is So Important

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A wedding celebrant is one of the most important vendors a bride and groom will hire. Although they have the shortest role when it comes to time worked, they have one of the most important roles on the wedding day.


The celebrant sets the mood for the ceremony well before the bride walks down the aisle. His or her job is to greet guests and have a last minute talk with the groom to settle his nerves with some calming words. Guests will be seated by the celebrant who will give a short welcome speech before announcing the arrival of the beautiful bride. 


Then as the couple are standing together the celebrant, or master of ceremonies, should guide them through the ceremony with absolute grace and a calm air of professionalism. A truly talented celebrant should be able to make guests laugh to ease an awkward moment (if the groom is crying and needs a moment to compose), be formal and traditional or perform a chilled, down-to-earth ceremony as the occasion calls for. A beach wedding in the tropics might be very different from a religious ceremony so a celebrant should be flexible and capable to give the couple what they need and expect.


Your celebrant should provide you with a wedding script outline well before the wedding day and advise you on how to write your vows and offer to attend a wedding day rehearsal. They also should discuss what might happen in the case of situations like rain, crying children and other unexpected things that might happen during the ceremony. Unlikely, but just in case, if such things happen you will know in advance that your celebrant has everything under control.


You should feel a fondness towards your celebrant. This is one of the biggest, most important moments of your whole life 


While the florist, make-up artist, chef and DJ and others all work 5-8 hour days or more on your wedding day, a celebrant might only work one hour or less. But don't underestimate how important the job is. Research and choose carefully for the celebrant who will lead the ceremony and make it meaningful, touching and classy.

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